Business Formation, Operation & Termination

A family is not restricted to those that are biologically related to you.  Family can come in the form of friends, teammates or other colleagues.  A family can be a business too.

Minnesota and Wisconsin each has various options for starting a business, running a business and winding it up once the business has concluded its necessary legal purposes and goals.  It is important to determine what business structure will best suit the businesses needs: a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a limited partnership, a corporation, a limited liability company, a limited liability limited partnership, and other form.  The business formation that is chosen by the organizors will also have a direct impact on how and how much taxes will be paid.  Once the business is up and running it will then require a solid grasp of all laws concerning the survival of the business and how it governs its affairs. A business that is not maintining the appropriate meetings and records will find itself in a courtroom eventually with unhappy business owners, investors or employees.

Our job is to help the fledging or experienced business navigate the myriad of laws confronting it to be successful. Our goal is to represent your business from cradle to grave, or through any series of life events in between.  Contact us today to see how we can best serve your businesses legal interests.


Many of us were lucky to be born in the United States while others of us were born to United States citizens that were living abroad.  We are naturalized citizens.  We have many freedoms that are not afforded to other citizens of our planet.

There are many people living outside of the United States who have the goal of reaching something better by traveling to or living in the United States. Their reasons for coming to the United States can include vocation, romance or travel. There are also United States citizens and businesses who have the need to bring people to the United States to further their personal or commercial purposes.  A non-citizen has a unique skill set that can be replicated elsewhere.

It is our job to make sure that a person interested in coming to the United States or remaining in the United States upon arrival stays here as long as they desire. It is also important to make sure that any assets held by a United States citizen are not unfairly taxed or seized because they are gifted or sold to a non-citizen in an inefficient manner. Estate planning challenges can be daunting and complicated when one party is not a United States citizen.

Our office advises and repesents business and individuals on how best to make it through the rirgors of the immigration process for the ones they care most about.  Give us a call today!

Real Estate

Whoever said that possession is nine-tenths of the law was apparently not thinking about real estate or land. When it comes to real estate or land title, and not possession, is king; title is everything in real estate.

Real estate transactions are an important part of life.  More often that not real estate defines what is home to a person, family or business.  Real estate transactions can include residential, commercial or recreational property. Real estate transactions are also an important part of death; how a parcel of land is titled at the death of its owner can have significant implications on how it is conveyed to others.

Proper title to property is an essential cornerstone of any law practice.  It requires a keen attention to detail. It is our job to examine what the exact ownership status is of your property and make sure that the property is titled corrently.  We can help individuals with title opinions, the review and drafting of commerical and residential leases, easements, licenses, deeds and more.

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