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We represent folks in various cases and we help with alternative dispute resolution. But did you know that we can also help to enforce your court order for parenting time and custody?

If you need help with a case involving minor children that arose in Wisconsin then I politely ask you to will ask you to leave this page immediately.  At a minimum you are requested to avert your eyes from the remainder of this page.  There is some more amazing content elsewhere on our site for you to review.  The following content is for folks that have a Minnesota case with children.

Minnesota law has created something called a parenting time expediter.  The role of an expediter is to enforce the terms of an existing parenting time order.  It is not the role of the expediter to modify the terms of the order over the objection of one of the parties. This can be useful where one party is repeatedly late to parenting time exchanges or does not regularly follow the terms of the existing order.

The expediter’s decision is binding on both of the parties. It is like one of the court television shows without the flare of an actor judge, audience, and television cameras. If one of the parties has a problem with the expediter’s decision or does not follow it then it would be necessary to get the involvement of a district court judge.

The involvement of the expediter is generally limited to communications such as phone calls, text messages, and emails.  In-person meetings are okay too.  Similar to representation and alternative dispute resolution, the parties to a parenting time expediter arrangement are required to pay a fee advancement and are charged hourly for services of the expediter.

There is also another option available to parties that need assistance with custody and parenting time issues in Minnesota. 


This option is called a parenting consultant.  Unlike the Minnesota statute pertaining to parenting time expediter there is no statute that addresses what it is or means to be a parenting time consultant.

It is up to the parties to create the rights and obligations of a parenting consultant.   This should be done with the assistance of an attorney because the choices of a parenting consultant can be far more reaching and consequential than the decisions of a parenting time expediter.

If the parties have indicated in writing that a parenting consultant has the legal authority to modify the terms of a parenting time order without further involvement of the court then the consultant can and will do that in circumstances that require such a modification.

At the core, it is the responsibility of the expediter or consultant to ensure that the needs of your child or children are being met by both parents. This is done through making decisions concerning parenting time that the expediter believes to be in the best interest of your child or children.

The fees for serving as a parenting time consultant are identical to that of the parenting time expediter. For more information on our services as a parenting consultant or parenting time expediter please contact our office using the link below.