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Recommendations Right to the Judge

A custody evaluation can make a huge difference in a court case.  The evaluator can be hired by one or both parties to make recommendations to the judge about what should happen in a Minnesota case affecting custody and parenting time.  A custody evaluation takes a hard look at the circumstances around what is in a child’s best interest under Minnesota law.  A custody evaluator’s qualifications and requirements are set forth in Minnesota Statute section 518.167.  He or she is the equivalent of a Wisconsin guardian ad litem . . . and we have several years of experience in this area of law.

The evaluator is a witness at trial, and issues a written report before the trial starts. If you need or want a difference in your custody and parenting time case without hiring an attorney then give us a call so we can make a difference in your case.

Contact a Qualified Mediator or Neutral

If you want a neutral individual who is passionate about helping you resolve your legal issues with another person then call the Benjamin Kaasa Law Office, PLLC at 218-464-3397 to begin arranging your alternative dispute resolution sessions.

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