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Filing For Bankruptcy

At Duluth Family Lawyer our experienced bankruptcy lawyer is dedicated to helping you navigate the challenges of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The top two reasons that people file for bankruptcy relief are an unexpected job loss or medical bills.  These top two reasons can have an avalanche effect on your finances and life.  People quickly find themselves digging into their savings or retirement accounts to stay afloat when their income ceases.  When the savings accounts or retirement accounts are emptied people then turn to use credit cards or additional loans to pay for their existing debt obligations. Eventually, both proverbial Peter and Paul are demanding repayment when there is no more to give.

Other common reasons that people need bankruptcy relief is because they are having their homes foreclosed on, vehicles repossessed, bank accounts garnished or wages levied.  They already have multiple court judgments against them. No matter how hard a person works they just cannot get back on their feet. Any remedies other than bankruptcy are not helping either.

We get it; no one wants to file bankruptcy. The thought of not paying your bills, particularly family members and friends that you have borrowed money from, is defeating. But you have to start somewhere and now is the time to start your financial relief and recovery. We will help you to do the homework that you need to finish so that you can get the reset that is needed.

The aim of bankruptcy is simple: help debtors or consumers get a financial fresh start. But bankruptcy law can be complex and challenging.  You need a bankruptcy lawyer that knows your options and can explain your options so that they make sense to you. There is where our office comes in.

Chapters 7 and 13

Our office typically represents individuals, couples, and small, closely-held businesses in obtaining bankruptcy relief. We typically represent debtors in Chapter Seven proceeding, also known as Liquidation, or a Chapter Thirteen proceeding, which is known as a Wage Earner’s Plan. Do you want to talk to us about your options? Call (218) 464-3397 or contact us now.  For more information on either of these types of bankruptcy proceedings, you should follow the links below.

Chapter 7 Chapter 13

Other Chapters

There are additional chapters of bankruptcy that are available to debtors.  These are proceedings under Chapters Nine, Eleven and Twelve.  These types of bankruptcy proceedings are limited to municipalities (organized or incorporated cities), large businesses, and family fisherman and farmers. Our office can assist with relief under chapters eleven and twelve; we do not offer representation in chapter nine proceedings.
Benjamin Kaasa Law Office, PLLC and Benjamin Kaasa, Attorney at Law, is a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy.

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