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Guardian Ad Litem

In Wisconsin, a guardian ad litem that is appointed by the judge to perform an investigation and make recommendations about what type of custody and physical placement arrangements are in the best interest of a child.  It is the responsibility of the guardian ad litem to represent the child’s best interest; he or she does not represent the child or the child’s family members.  The guardian ad litem performs a custody and physical placement evaluation, and then makes a recommendation to the judge.  A central focus of the guardian ad litem is to determine whether domestic abuse has occurred between the parties or the child at issue. The recommendation is not required to be adopted by the judge.

The guardian ad litem can be crucial in helping parties to reach a resolution concerning custody and physical placement.  It is not uncommon for the guardian ad litem to help the parties mediate an agreement concerning custody and physical placement.  This can be called a settlement conference in addition to mediation.

If you think we can be a good fit for your custody and physical placement case in Wisconsin then let the judge know to contact our office for the appointment.  We would be happy to help you make a better situation for your child and you going forward.

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