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There are times when modifications to certain court orders resulting from divorce are necessary. The most common are child support modifications and spousal maintenance modifications. The reasons why individuals tend to request that these two things be modified have to do with changes in income and in circumstance.

If you need to request a modification or you wish to challenge a modification request made by the other party, our Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin child support modification attorneys and spousal maintenance modification attorneys can help you. We can represent you in the matter to help you get the result that you seek.

Assistance in Modifying Spousal Maintenance

The court may modify a spousal maintenance order if there has been a change in the circumstances of either party. A change in circumstance could make the existing order for spousal maintenance unfair or unreasonable. Common reasons for modifications of spousal maintenance include:

  • Income that has substantially increased or decreased
  • Needs that have increased or decreased
  • Public assistance is received
  • Retirement
  • Very high medical expenses
  • Changes in the cost of living

The person who requests the modification has the burden of proof that the maintenance order needs to be modified. The request for modification may be made retroactive from the date that the motion for modification is served.

Helping You With Child Support Modifications

Just like with spousal maintenance, a request may need to be made to modify child support for much of the same reasons. However, the differences are:

  • High medical expenses for the child
  • A change in the availability of health care coverage for the child or an increase or decrease in the cost of health care for the child
  • The addition of child care or an increase or decrease in the cost of child care
  • Emancipation of the child

Minnesota and Wisconsin each haveĀ  their own laws about when it is appropriate to modify child support. When various elements have been established, the court can make their decision of whether or not to approve or deny the request for modification. You and your Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin family law attorney can work together to address the modification request so that the appropriate result can be had.

Contact A Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin Family Law Lawyer

After child support and spousal support have been established, modifications can be requested when circumstances change. If you have had a change in income or another factor has changed, it is important to contact your family law attorney to discuss your options regarding requesting modification. To learn more about how the Benjamin Kaasa Law Office, PLLC can help you, call 218-464-3397 for a consultation.

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