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How do you reach Benjamin Kaasa Law Office, PLLC?

Everyone has a preferred communication method, including us.  We love it when people reach out to us by telephone, email, or mail.  We are not fond of people trying to contact us by carrier pigeon because we have a zero percent success rate of using carrier pigeons. So, to keep the old school crowd happy we still accept faxes.  All of our contact information for these four communication methods are found below . . . and scattered across our website.

And here is a fifth option for you to get our attention and introduce yourself: a website submission form. Kind of like the beep on an answering machine or voicemail you should know what to do from experience. But just in case you don’t know what to do, use the form below to tell us who you are, where you live, what your telephone number is, what your email address is, and what the basic nature of your legal problem that you think a lawyer can help you out with.  After you verify that you are not a machine and hit send, we will receive an email containing your information. We will then reach out to you within a business day to get a consultation arranged. Have your schedule handy and let us know what arrangements you need for the initial consultation.

Benjamin Kaasa Law Office, PLLC

Telephone: 218.464.3397
Fax: (218) 625-2201
E-mail: bck*AT*

11 East Superior Street, Suite 553,
Duluth, MN 55802
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