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Parenting Time Expeditor

We represent folks in various cases and we help with alternative dispute resolution. But did you know that we can also help to enforce your court order for parenting time and custody in Minnesota?

If you have a Wisconsin court order regarding physical placement that requires enforcement then you do not need to read any further.  This section is only for Minnesota court orders with parenting time provisions.  You can feel free to read on but it will not give you any value . . . unless you want to write your local legislator to tell them how Wisconsin should implement the use of parenting time expeditors.

Minnesota law has created something called a parenting time expeditor.  The role of an expeditor is to enforce the terms of an existing parenting time order.  It is not the role of the expeditor to modify the terms of the order over the objection of one of the parties. This can be useful where one party is repeatedly late to parenting time exchanges or does not regularly follow the terms of the existing order.

The expeditor’s decision is binding on both of the parties. It is like one of the court television shows without the flare of an actor judge, audience, and television cameras. If one of the parties has a problem with the expediter’s decision or does not follow it then it would be necessary to get the involvement of a district court judge.

The involvement of the expeditor is generally limited to communications such as phone calls, text messages, and emails.  In-person or remote meetings are okay too.  Similar to representation and alternative dispute resolution, the parties to a parenting time expeditor arrangement are required to pay a fee advancement and are charged hourly for services of the expeditor.

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