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Duluth Family Lawyer can assist in establishing a cohabitation agreement for couples who are unmarried or choose not to marry, safeguarding assets and interests throughout their relationship. Many couples tend to share homes and other property. The cohabitation agreement outlines what belongs to who and what should be done with specific assets if the relationship terminates.

If you need to have a cohabitation agreement created, an experienced Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin cohabitation agreements lawyer can help you. What your Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin cohabitation agreement attorney will do for you is draft the agreement based on your unique situation so that the two of you have something in place that protects you both in the event the relationship would end.

Protecting Your Interests

Cohabitation agreements are not only for those who have a significant amount of assets or a lot of money. Individuals of all income levels can benefit from cohabitation agreements. Here are some instances of when one is necessary:

  • You and your partner are already living together or you have plans to cohabitate
  • You will be making a joint property purchase
  • You currently intend on having children
  • You want to protect the financial futures of children you already have
  • You have assets you wish to protect
  • Couples that do wish to get married later may still have a cohabitation agreement created so they can protect their children’s’ rights and the rights of their grandchildren when it comes to assets. There are some individuals who have been married before that prefer cohabitation so they can avoid the divorce process and things like asset division if the relationship ends.

Experienced Legal Guidance

When having your cohabitation agreement created, you can specify what you wish to occur to specific assets, especially those that you have purchased jointly or will purchase. Your Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin family law attorney will work with you in making the agreement as solid as possible so that you can enforce it if you need to. This will make matters much easier for both of you and any children that you may share.

In the case of same-sex couples, some tend to have some type of written agreement with a cohabitation agreement being the most common. They do this to stop issues before they can become issues. However, the new same-sex marriage law may reduce the number of cohabitation agreements in favor of pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements when it comes to the division of assets and other such matters. The exact document that is needed depends on the individual situation.

Contact A Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin Cohabitation Agreement Lawyer

If you have a domestic partner, it is recommended that the two of you sign a cohabitation agreement. This agreement will address such issues as division of property if the relationship comes to an end. If you need to establish a cohabitation agreement to protect your interests, contact the Benjamin Kaasa Law Office, PLLC at 218-464-3397 to arrange a consultation.

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