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Buy Sell or Asset Transfer Agreements (mini M & A)

Has someone else started something that you want to continue to be a part of? Have you started something awesome that someone else wants to take charge of? Maybe it is time to do something with the hard work you have put in over the years. It is time for the sale of a business. Maybe you have created a product that someone else wants to take over through manufacturing or improvements.  Maybe you need the income associated with your assets to help you create an amazing retirement plan.

A popular term in the media for buy sell agreements is mergers and acquisitions. We aren’t in a position to help with national franchises or business but we can help with the small local businesses that are the fabric of our states and country.  We can help you transfer your business or assets from one person to another.

We can plug you into the right resources to help you make a prudent, economical decision.  We have connections to bankers, insurance agents, accountants, tax preparers, appraisers, valuation experts, and more.  Once you have the information you need to make the decision then we can help you make your dreams and goals a reality through well drafted agreements.

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