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Choices, Choices, Choices . . .

Sole Proprietor. Partnership. Limited Partnership. Limited Liability Limited Partnership. Limited Liability Company. Corporation. S Corporation. C Corporation. Public Held Corporation. Privately Held Corporation. Holy smokes . . . that is a lot of choices! But what makes the most sense for your business and you?  Most often people think of organizing a business so that they can get some liability protection. But how do you operate your business to take advantage of the liability protections that are offered?

A business entity needs to be tailored to the needs of its stakeholders.  A retailer in a mall has different needs than a professional sports team, restaurant, bar, tavern, or any other type of business venture.  A business entity is a person in the eyes of the law.  And much like an individual person’s body is comprised of multiple systems within the body a business needs the right framework or foundation to start from and work within.

We can help you select the business entity that makes the most sense for your commercial endeavor.  We can get you organized and help you to understand your obligations under federal, Minnesota, or Wisconsin law.  Once your business is up and running we will help you maintain what you started.

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